November 8, 2011

5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Medicine Isn't Just For Chicks

I have another guest post for you today! It's about cosmetic medicine and why men go to a plastic surgeon. I thought it would be interesting reading, since we usually only read or hear which women had nose job or got botox injections etc.


5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Medicine Isn't Just For Chicks

Men want to look good, too, and that’s a statement backed up by annual statistics compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 1.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men last year in North America, and the number has consistently increased since 2000. Just because women make up over 90% of the patients who undergo cosmetic treatments, it doesn’t mean that we should disregard how men place importance on their appearance as well.

Here are 5 reasons why men turn to cosmetic medicine:

1. For a competitive edge in the workforce: Compared to their aged colleagues, younger men are perceived as being more energetic, fresher and full of new ideas. Older men turn to cosmetic medicine to erase the signs of aging so that they’ll look younger, and yet still have the advantage of being more experienced and wiser.

2. To attract a partner: The age of the Metrosexual has arrived! Men are getting more and more concerned with their appearance, and for some it’s to increase their success in attracting a partner.

3. To attract a partner after they’ve just gotten a divorce: These days, ‘til death do us part is nothing more than a flimsy saying. With divorce rates increasing, men have to look as good as possible in the hopes of playing the field.

4. To feel better about themselves: Improve your appearance, and it will undoubtedly improve the way you feel about yourself as well.

5. To reclaim their youth: Cosmetic medicine is the boon of men going through a mid-life crisis. Procedures help them reclaim their youth by erasing wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin, so even though they may still get tired faster than someone in their 20s, they won’t look out of place.

So what are some cosmetic medical procedures that are popular amongst men?

Well, it’s no surprise that BOTOX leads the way! This wrinkle-fighter keeps your skin smooth so that you don’t look as old and tired. Men make up a big chunk of patients, and the number continues to grow every year. According to the ASPS Statistics, there was a 9% increase from 2009 to 2010.

Famous males who’ve gotten BOTOX’ed: Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay.

Liposuction for Gynecomastia
You never know where you’ll carry the extra weight when you gain, or where it’s going to come off from when you lose. Unfortunately, some men find they carry fat in their chest, creating the unflattering appearance of what we affectionately call “man boobs”. Moobs can be quite distressing to men, and the only real way to eliminate them is with liposuction.

Think that unwanted hair is a female obsession? At our clinic, many patients are men who want to get rid of their hairy chest, back, and even face. Yes, men do care about unwanted hair, too!

Nose Surgery
Nose surgery is something that has remained popular with men for years.

This post was written by Cindy Clark. Cindy Clark is a medical writer for Skin Vitality, one of Canada’s largest aesthetic medical providers. She has personal and professional experience with a number of nonsurgical treatments, including BOTOX and Laser Skin Tightening.


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