April 3, 2011

Random Ramblings, Vol. 001

Hi there!

I'm so happy that the Spring is finally here! Days are getting longer, sun is shining and I have opened the season of iced coffee and ice cream :D


I have reached 500 followers and I welcome you all in this little corner of mine! To say "Thank You" I'm preparing 500 Followers Giveaway and the post will be up in the next week or so.


Last week I got some very beautiful nail polishes! Jessika at Polish Insomniac and I did a swap again :D

Let's take a look at the pretty bottles she sent me:

Color Club: Uptown Girl, Ms. Socialite, Wild And Willing(!)

China Glaze: Atlantis(!), Ick-A-Bod-Y, Midnight Ride

CND Effects Sapphire Sparkle (my very first), Confetti Ice Ice Baby

OPI Yoga'ta Get This Blue!



I also did a little swap with my fellow blogger elchy at Elchy's blog. She sent me two of Catrice's new polishes (Catrice has a lot of new shades available and these are my first from the new line):

Catrice: Just Berried!, Forget Me Not!

Elchy is not only a fellow nail blogger, but she's also a jewelry maker. And she knows that I adore everything cats related, so she sent me a pair of cat earrings:

Here is Elchy's FaceBook page and her jewelry web shop Melina, if you would like to take a look at the lovely pieces she makes.

Thank you very much, Elchy!


Thanks for dropping by and I wish you all a nice Sunday!

Song of the day: Toto - Rosanna


  1. u u supeer stvari si dobila!! in jaa pomlad je tuki in superr je! p.s. moj blogec te malo pogreša ;)

  2. Such pretty colours ! I was in nail polish heaven until I saw your song of the day !!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TOTO ! They've been rocking the last 15 years of my life lol xxx

  3. Ooh, what pretty polishes! Can't wait to see your swatches :)

  4. oh Atlantis <3 jedva cekam swatch bocica prekrasno izgleda

  5. @ Mancina: A ne da? :D
    Pridem zdaj malo naokoli. Sem kakšna dva dni zadaj z branjem blogov...

    @ MartianDelights: I know, I can't stop looking at these pretty bottles and colours *lol*
    I really like their music too and I've been listening them a lot lately!

  6. @ Sharon: I will do my best with the swatches. I just don't know where to start... Like always when I get such pretty polishes :)

    @ Lendoxia: Atlantis je še dosti lepši, kot sem si sploh predstavljala O.o

  7. @ jbrobeck: You always do make me smile :D

  8. OMG Biba I am so happy I have found who likes them, it's like everybody thinks I am stuck in the 90s because I don't listen to any of today's music, and no one seems to have heard of them ! xxx

  9. Wow, I love ALL your new polishes : D

  10. @ MartianDelights: Well, I'm stuck in previous century too when it comes to music :D
    I don't like today's music very much either...

    @ Jo: Yay! :D

  11. Sami čudoviti lakci. Srečnica! :) In hvala za objavo. Lepo jih nosi. *hug*


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